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AfriForum lodge hate speech complaint against Malema for inciting violence



Julius Malema, the EFF, and the supporters of this party must be forced to stop singing songs that incite hatred and violence.

According to the civil rights group AfriForum, the party’s attitude increases unnecessary racial tension in the country and runs counter to a peaceful democracy. For this reason, AfriForum on Thursday lodged a hate speech complaint against Malema and the EFF in the High Court, which sits as the equality court.

Ernst Roets, Head of Policy and Action at AfriForum, says songs that incite violence against farmers are romanticized by the EFF, while farm murders are a reality in the country.

The hate speech complaint focuses on the particular context in which the EFF sang “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer” and refers to several other occasions where the party and its leaders sang the song, which has already been declared hate speech. The application also relies on the 2011 settlement between AfriForum and Malema, when the Supreme Court of Appeal’s order was made. Malema is prohibited from singing such songs and is obliged to encourage his supporters not to either.

Roets believes that the singing of the song in Senekal in October indicates the context of hate speech because Malema sang it outside the court where the alleged murderers of the farm manager Brendin Horner appeared.

“The intention of the EFF when they sing the song is to be hateful. Farm murders are a serious and ongoing reality. The EFF’s provocative incitement of farm murders outside the court where accused of a farm murder are being prosecuted is shocking and unacceptable, ”says Roets.



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