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Farm attack: Woman shot, nothing stolen, Rustenburg



A woman was shot in the chest on Tuesday when she was attacked on a farm near Rustenburg in the North West.

The 31-year-old woman and her mother, a woman in her 50s, live together in a farmhouse divided in two. The woman and her mother each have their own door to the outside.

Police spokeswoman Adéle Myburgh said the girl was allegedly on her way out early in the morning. When she opened the door – on her side of the house – she was confronted by an unknown number of suspects who then shot her in the chest.

The mother heard the shot and looked out the window.

“She saw that someone was standing outside her daughter’s door. “She then opened her door and let her dogs out, which caused the suspect(s) to flee,” said Myburgh.

“She then called the dogs back and went to her daughter’s door. She found her daughter on the floor and immediately called for help. “

The daughter was taken to a local hospital in a very serious condition for further medical treatment.

“Nothing is missing from the house and no one has been arrested.”



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