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Malema threatens to 'target' police officers and families in their homes



The trade union Popcru spoke out after the leader of the EFF, Julius Malema, told a crowd in the Free State this past weekend that if the police were looking for a fight, they should say so.

Malema said in Mohokare during a rally that the police think their uniform gives them a form of superior power. “We will see you after you take off your uniform, in your houses at night,” the EFF leader said.

“We will treat them in the same way as we did in the 80s. We will not only take them on in protest marches, but we will also go to their homes and challenge them in their own homes with their own families.

“We are not afraid of the police… leafy cowards.

“We will come for you. One by one in your own comfort zones. ”

Popcru described the remarks as derogatory in light of the role the police play in maintaining public order.

“He also makes further threats that could potentially lead to unjustifiable attacks on communities by police officers and their families,” said Popcru spokesman Richard Mamabolo.

“As he did before, by verbally attacking the good name of our men and women in blue in September for doing their job – to such an extent that he even described their boots as smelly – this time he has the insults taken to new heights.

Popcru says the police and its members protect the rights of all South Africans, regardless of their political affiliation. Mamabolo says that whenever there are planned protests, it is standard practice for the parties involved to meet in advance to discuss issues such as the maintenance of security measures, the deployment of law enforcement authorities, and compliance with municipal ordinances.

“For someone like Mr. Malema, who is also a public representative, for falling so low and endangering the lives and families of law enforcers, is extremely irresponsible. It also comes when we are pleading with people to help in the fight against increasing police killings. ”



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