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Police involved in foiled diamond dealer robbery



A total of 11 suspects, including two police officers, were arrested after police stopped them shortly before they allegedly wanted to rob a diamond dealer in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Brenda Muridili, a police spokeswoman, said the police’s crime intelligence unit had received information about the alleged robbery. Members of this unit, together with private security companies, the metro police, the police’s flash patrol, dog unit, tactical response unit, and the task force, watched the relevant premises at a distance from early afternoon on Saturday.

At around 20:30, the team saw three vehicles, also a marked police bakkie, approaching the premises.

“The suspects got out of the vehicles, and the police moved closer, after which the suspects opened fire on them. “The police fired back and eventually arrested 11 suspects, two of them with gunshot wounds to their legs,” Muridili said.

“None of the team members were injured, but three police vehicles were shot full of holes.”

Police also seized three firearms – a rifle and two pistols – as well as a police van and another vehicle.



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