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Self-proclaimed "prophet" Bushiri flee South Africa, breaking bail conditions



The self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary, are back in Malawi after being able to flee the country despite their strict bail conditions.

The couple involved with the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church were earlier granted bail on condition that they hand over the original title deed of their property in the Midstream estate in Centurion to the state. Their movements were restricted to Gauteng and North West, and the couple had to report to the police every Monday and Friday.

They also had to hand in their passports.

However, Shepherd Bushiri announced on Facebook this morning that he and Mary are in Malawi.

“So far, there have been clear and obvious attempts to kill me, my wife, and my family, and despite our repeated attempts to report it to the authorities, there has never been state protection. Coming to Malawi is a tactical withdrawal from South Africa that was only done to protect our lives, ”reads Bushiri’s message.

“I want to make it clear that our return to Malawi was not undertaken to run away from the trial. Not at all. All my wife and I want to do is restore our honor in a criminal justice system that is just and impartial. ”

Bushiri is now demanding that the South African government guarantee the couple’s safety while they are here.



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