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Smithfield farmer murdered, farmworker arrested



A Smithfield farmer was killed outside her home on Monday morning.

Poenkie Bisset was presumably on her way to town when she was killed. She was 73.

Motantsi Makhele, police spokesperson, says Arthur Bisset from the farm Korhaanfontein, near Smithfield, was busy with his daily tasks on the farm on Monday morning.

He went home around 11:30 and then came across his wife lying dead next to her car.

She was stabbed two or three times in the neck with a sharp object.

According to what her husband told the police, Poenkie said she would do laundry first and then wanted to go to town.

Makhele says she was lying on her stomach and still had her house and car keys in her hand. The house was locked.

According to an informant who was at the scene, it appears that Poenkie knew her attackers.

There is no sign of a struggle, and she was probably caught off guard by someone who spoke to her before she was attacked.

At least two people, including a former Bisset farm worker, were arrested on Monday connected with the murder.

Source: Netwerk24



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