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South Africa calls on the Malawian government to extradite Bushiri



South Africa has officially submitted its request that the self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri be extradited from Malawi.

The Bushiri couple faces charges of fraud and money laundering in South Africa amounting to about R102 million.

They left the country in mysterious circumstances and fled to their homeland because they apparently feared for their safety here. There they were re-arrested and released on bail shortly afterward.

The Malawian Magistrate’s Court ruled that the Bushiris should be released without bail because their arrest in Malawi was illegal. The court only looked at their arrest’s legality and not at what happened in South Africa.

South Africa’s Department of Justice and Correctional Services says the application was submitted following the protocol of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) on extradition. South Africa has a legal deadline of 30 days to apply but has done so within two weeks in this case.

The application follows after a preliminary request for arrest was made to Malawi by Interpol. The Bushiri’s have appealed against the application.



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