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Terrorism charge laid against Malema



The agricultural organization TLU SA has lodged a complaint of terrorism against Julius Malema, EFF leader, with the police.

This comes after Malema made threats against the police last weekend.

TLU SA says that Malema’s threats against the police are unacceptable and a threat to the country’s stability.

Henry Geldenhuys, president of TLU SA, therefore lodged a terrorism complaint with the police against Malema.

“It is totally unacceptable that any person blatantly and publicly launches an attack on the police and its members,” said Geldenhuys.

“The police represent the authority in our country, and such an attack must therefore be seen in the most serious possible light. The fact that he is also a sitting member of parliament should count aggravatingly against him.

“The state should put all legal remedies at its disposal to make short work of this type of behavior and rulings.”

Geldenhuys says it is impossible to build stability in South Africa when such behavior is only condemned by statements.

“It is not enough. Mr. Malema has now repeatedly proven himself to be one of the greatest destabilizers of law and order and relations in the country.

“It is unacceptable to us as farmers that unfounded statements like this are made,” says Geldenhuys.

“It is worrying that a climate is being created in which differences can be resolved with physical violence. Mr. Malema and his henchmen’s statements certainly contribute to the culture of violence that plagues South Africa and steals the future of every law-abiding citizen.



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