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TLU SA warns farmers over EFF entering farms



Farmers have been warned to be vigilant after numerous incidents where the EFF and other so-called labor inspectors allegedly threatened farm owners.

The TLU SA says in a media statement that farmers must take precautions against trespassers who want to sow unrest on farms.

“We have heard about the EFF’s so-called ‘labor desks’ as well as people who pose as labor inspectors and thus gain access to farms and farmworkers,” says Drickus Botha, the manager of TLU SA’s northern region.

He says farmers and other farm dwellers need to join a security structure in their areas to fight rural crime.

According to Botha, the EFF makes all sorts of threats, followed by protest marches in which memoranda of demands are handed over to farm owners.

“The claims are mostly unreasonable, unfounded, and with no legislation supporting them. The farmers are then threatened to comply with the demands or to wait for a second visit from the party. “

Such incidents took place in Groblersdal, Tolwe, and Mookgopong, and some of the workers were dismissed for violence.

Botha says workers are being misled by the EFF and are turning to the party instead of approaching the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration or other designated government departments on labor issues.



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