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WATCH: AfriForum lodge charge of assault against Malema, Ndlozi after they threaten white man in court



A lawyer at AfriForum’s private prosecution unit on Wednesday lodged a charge of assault against Julius Malema, leader of the EFF, and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, EFF MP, after the two allegedly threatened him with physical violence in court earlier.

The threats were allegedly made against Wico Swanepoel in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on October 29 during Malema and Ndlozi’s trial on another charge of assault.

Malema and Ndlozi told Swanepoel the day after tea time that his legs were in the way because it was partly in front of the dock where they wanted to move in.

According to Swanepoel, he immediately sat up straight when he realized that the accused wanted to get past.

However, Malema and Ndlozi insisted they could not move past and said Swanepoel was disruptive. Malema apparently also said: “We cannot tolerate disruption.”

Swanepoel claims Ndlozi pointed his finger at him and said: “We will push you.”

Swanepoel asked Ndlozi if he was threatening him, after which Ndlozi repeated his words.

Ndlozi apparently also called Swanepoel a liar during the events, after which Malema, Ndlozi, and a bodyguard from Malema surrounded Swanepoel and kept shouting that he had to be removed from the court. A police officer supported Swanepoel and helped him move away from the EFF members.

Swanepoel says he believed that an attack on him was possible because Malema and Ndlozi were in court for a charge of assault.

AfriForum’s private prosecution unit now points out that a threat of violence against a person’s body is considered assault in South African law if the threatened person believes that the person threatening him or her has the intention and power to remove that threat. to perform.

See the video below:



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