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2020 Farm attacks: 26 farm murders, 141 attacks – more attackers shot dead in 2020



AfriForum will start an intensified campaign against farm murders and attacks on Wednesday.

Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s Head of Community Safety, and Dr. Theo de Jager, chairman of Saai’s board, will also give farmers tips for safeguarding themselves with the launch of the campaign. The latest statistics on farm attacks are also released.

TAU SA says there were already 26 farm murders and 141 farm attacks this year

According to this organization, his advice and guidance to farmers helped to protect people from murder.

“It is clear that effective resistance and the application of emergency defense principles have resulted in several assailants being shot dead or sustained serious gunshot wounds,” said Chris van Zyl, TAU SA deputy general manager.

He says farmers who are prepared have prevented them from being surprised and caught off guard.

He said farmers who made sure they had a firearm at hand and were aware of the signs that something was wrong could prevent serious injury or loss of life.

Although there was almost no attacks in the first part of the lockdown, violence after this has increased to such an extent that the number of farm murders and attacks for the second quarter of 2020 is now the same as the first quarter.

The DA on Tuesday asked the Human Rights Commission (HRC) to investigate hate speech against farmers.

Source: TAU SA, AfriForum, Net24



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