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24 Land grabbers released after the court decided not to pursue prosecution



The FF Plus in Midvaal met with senior police officers and representatives of the Gauteng provincial housing and security committee on Wednesday afternoon about the protest action by the Elandsfontein landowners. A total of 24 offenders were arrested but released after the court decided not to pursue prosecution.

The FF Plus has asked authorities to act strictly against landowners because the lives of landowners are endangered.

Over the past weekend, the party was part of a group of organizations, neighborhood watches and people who helped protect the land and possessions of four smallholder farmers in Elandsfontein, south of Johannesburg, when hundreds of land grabbers fell on the farmland.

Landowners’ homes were bombarded with gasoline bombs while hundreds of people ran around with knives and pangas.

The group of upset landlords returned on the weekend after the Johannesburg metro police demolished illegal structures on the holdings on June 25, according to a court order.

The FF Plus says land invasions in Gauteng are increasing and authorities cannot allow farmers’ land and property to be threatened.



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