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3 "Farm attackers" released without paying bail in the North West



The three suspected farm attackers who were arrested on July 24 after they allegedly attacked a farm outside Ottosdal, North West, were released barely two weeks later on a warning. The family and community are deeply upset about it and feel justice should be done.

According to Henry Mamothame, spokesman for the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in the North West, the three suspects, aged 19, 23 and 27 respectively, were released on a warning on August 4, after appearing in court for bail.

Mamothame says the investigating officer did not oppose the bail application. The state asked for bail to be paid, but the court then released them on warning. However, the suspects did not pay any bail at the time.

“According to the information in the police’s docket, no one was assaulted and it was not a farm attack. The case has been postponed for further investigation, as the identity of the accused must be determined by means of an identification parade, ”said Mamothame.

The three men entered the rooms of the house and searched the cupboards. One of them dropped something into one of the rooms, which woke Sarel up. When he opened his eyes, the men were standing by the room door. He grabbed his firearm, which was lying next to him on the bedside table, but first struggled to get the firearm out of the holster. The attackers just turned around in their tracks and fled the house.

Sarel jumped up and chased the men with the firearm. He fired shots into the air.

The suspects escaped but were apprehended just before 12:00 by members of the community, farmers and police.



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