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AfriForum investigate after 'authorities abandon their duty against baby'



The Gauteng police commissioner has ordered an investigation into why charges were dropped against a Pretoria parent couple who allegedly abused their five-week-old baby so badly that 15 of her ribs were broken.

This after AfriForum’s private prosecution unit filed a complaint of child abuse against the parents last Thursday after the baby was admitted to hospital again at the beginning of July with more bone fractures.

According to Andrew Leask, chief investigator of the unit, she was also underweight by July 1 for her age, dehydrated, suffered from shock and had pneumonia. Both of her thighs were broken.

The baby is now about five months old. Doctors and a social worker lodged the initial complaint in April in a police station in Pretoria West because, according to Leask, they believed that her ribs could not have been broken by accident and that these injuries corresponded to the type of injuries that infants when they are abused. It was also reported to the Department of Social Development.

However, the criminal case has since been dropped, apparently due to a lack of evidence because the police investigation yielded nothing.

Gauteng police spokesperson Mathapelo Peters said police were concerned about the underlying allegations that the police investigation was flawed.



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