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ALERT: "Revolution movement" threatens white South Africans on 12 Aug



A group calling themselves “Jozi to Stellenbosch” has made threats for the “disruption of white privilege”. The group scheduled the riot for the 12th of August 2020.

On Facebook the group said “The mighty Pan Africanist Congress of Ntate Sobukwe says we must continue where they left off in 1960”.

Image may contain: text that says 'PAC Office203 PAC CONGRESS AZANIA Street August Johannesburg Attention: 0866682215 Ref: Support/002/ 1/08/2020 Western Cape Province. PAC Coordinating Structure PAC Structuresin Western Cape. Component structures Western Cape Province. Support Solidarity. Directive Greetings, Pan Conre Azania (PAC) pledged solidarity and support #JozitoStellenbosch campaign March complete privilege espoused Stellenbosch March scheduledo August Stellenbosch ndfor further information please contact Mangaliso Sambo, Coordinator on076 3274 Orediretse Masebe, Organize 082 2908 additional information Regards, contact Secretary General. @MyPacOnline ypaconline'

The organization also stated that the riot will continue till “death”.

Image may contain: meme, text that says 'DAY OF ACTION knowyou are hereto kill me. shoot, coward. you only going to kill a man -Che Ernesto Guevara DATE: 12 AUGUST 2020 TIME: 09am TILL DEATH PLACE: STELLENBOSCH :#JozitoStellenbosc #JoziToStellenbosch Twitter@JoziToStellenbosch| formore info contact 076 63274'

The Stellenbosch municipality issued a statement on Facebook:

The Municipality has taken note of the threats of protest, violence and intimidation made by a group who call themselves “Jozi to Stellenbosch”.

The Municipality supports the right of any individual to protest but with this right, comes the inherent responsibility to do so peacefully. The threats of violence, destruction and intimidation in the run-up to this protest action is a cause for great concern. The protest action is allegedly planned for Wednesday, 12 August.

We are in contact with the South African Police Service (SAPS) who are monitoring the situation and will act against any individual found guilty of violence or the destruction of property. Our municipal law enforcement officers together with our Stellenbosch Safety Initiative (SSI) partners have been placed on high alert and will be providing support to SAPS to ensure law and order.

We advise residents and visitors to the Stellenbosch area to remain vigilant and stay safe on the roads. Details on any possible road closure will be shared as and when we receive this information.

The group on Facebook mentioned that they will be dangerous to anyone “that is unfair to us”.

Other organizations waged their support for the riot.

Image may contain: text that says '$0 YOUNG PEOPLES PARTY 2020] AND SUPPORT #JozitoStellenbosch THE People different organisations, study, ethnic groups locations embarked road uproot South African reality, one being MONOPOLY 1300km declared against continuesto hard people. ensures economical through sustaining torturous poverty over black people. exist ensure the advancement of Young People lifetime. exist ensure People doing placement People Leadership Positions lifetime. eradicating poverty our lifetime. Young people will lifetime expropriation and distribution lifetime recognize ppreciate establishment #JozitoStellenbosch Movement The compensation actionb Sincerely Senamela Communications Contact Endorsedby Kgole Thapedi YPP President Spokesperson | I'

The party made a statement on Twitter earlier before the start of the riot:

Currently being posted on their Facebook:

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