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ANC says EFF is AWB dressed in red during BLM debate



A debate over the Black Lives Matter movement sparked controversy in parliament on Tuesday about racism and perceptions of racism from almost every conceivable angle.

The debate was called for by the EFF and led by the party’s deputy leader, Floyd Shivambu. He argued that racism is based on abuse of power, and therefore black people cannot be racists because they do not have power.

In this regard, he specifically referred to the manner in which the blame for the coronavirus in China was placed by the authorities on the single black residents of China. He says capitalism is racism.

Shivambu pointed out that many people take out medical insurance for their pets, but not for their domestic workers, and that there are no black states (his wording) on ​​the UN Security Council.

According to Shivambu, there has never been a mass murder in Africa without Western support.

He then called for expropriation without compensation, referring to, among others, Paul Kruger of the ZAR as a slave owner and a racist pig.

According to Shivambu, Cecil John Rhodes is a hero to many white South Africans.

The ANC sent one of its most moderate MPs, Richard Dyantyi, into the debate. He said the South African liberation struggle was against racism, not against a specific race.

“Humanity is essential. “Beware that poverty and disappointment are not abused by some politicians to encourage extremism,” Dyantyi said.

According to Dyantyi, the only difference between the EFF and the AWB is that one wears red and the other khaki, and Hendrik Verwoerd would have been proud to divide races as the EFF does.

Other ANC members referred to the extent to which the VBS scandal further impoverished poor black people, and to EFF members’ companies involved.

DA MP Ghaleb Cachalia has said he will not bow the knee to the Black Lives Matter movement but rather stand up for reconciliation. He quoted Friedrich Nietzsche that when you want to fight a monster like racism, you have to be careful not to become that monster yourself.

On behalf of the IFP, MP Mkhuleko Hlengwa said racism could not be fought with racism but with reconciliation.

The FF Plus leader, dr. Pieter Groenewald, referred to the American organization Black Lives Matter, a Marxist group with the same name as the school of thought.



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