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Brave six-year-old refuse to let a criminal with a panga take her TV



In Greenbushes on the 9th of October, a fearless six-year-old girl stood up to a criminal and declined to let him take the television set that she was watching.

Allegedly at about 13:25, the complainant, a domestic worker at the house, went to her quarters to eat. Her six-year-old daughter stayed in the living room watching television.

While the complainant was eating, an unfamiliar male armed with a panga entered her room. The suspect threatened her and took her cellphone and R1000. Then he took her to the main house, demanding the safe.

When entering the living room, he threatened the child and commanded her mother to unplug the TV set. The child, undisturbed by the suspect’s threats, declined to let the TV set go and stood guard in front of it. In change, she warned the suspect that she would call the ‘Ouma’ sleeping in the other room.

The girl then rushed from the living room towards the bedroom to warn the 75-year-old woman who was sleeping at the time. The old woman awakened and, on hearing the disturbance, headed towards the living room.

On noticing the woman, the criminal ran through the back door, taking a laptop. The panic alarm was instantly activated.

After describing the suspect, investigations were conducted in the immediate vicinity by the owner’s family and the Detective Trio Task Team members.
D/Sgt Priscilla Xotyeni, together with the complainant, was patrolling the nearby squatter camp. At around 17:00, the suspect, 27, was recognized standing on the side of the road. He was positively identified.

The laptop and cell phone were obtained. Also, in his bag, he had an extra two laptops.

He was apprehended on charges of house robbery and possession of the stolen property. The suspect must appear in the Port Elizabeth magistrates’ court on Monday, the 12th of October 2020.

Police are suggesting anyone who may be missing their laptop to contact D/Sgt Priscilla Xotyeni at 083 594 3980.

Maj Gen Tembisile Patekile, the Nelson Mandela Bay District Commissioner, praised the little hero for her bold attitude facing the criminal.

Patekile says that the little girl was not aware of the danger that all she was concern about was the TV set and that gladly no harm came to her or anyone in the house. Urging people to take the necessary precautions for their safety, locking all door and security gates, since opportunistic criminals are always on the lurk.



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