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Charges against Senekal farmer smells like racism says FF Plus



The FF Plus strongly objected to the charges of terrorism and attempted murder against the farmer who was arrested after Tuesday’s protest at the Senekal Magistrate’s Court.

André Pienaar will spend the weekend behind bars after his bail application was finalized on Friday and a verdict was reserved until Tuesday. He is also charged with incitement to violence and public violence.

Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus leader, believes that the charges of terrorism and attempted murder are serious and unfair. “The prosecuting authority thereby makes itself guilty of prejudice and does not fulfill its role as an objective authority that must act equally in the interest of every person in the country.”

According to Groenewald, the charges against Pienaar also serve as proof that there are double standards when farmers and the agricultural community are affected.

“The state has also appointed a senior lawyer to oppose Pienaar’s bail application. It is clear that the prosecuting authority is making an example of Pienaar and wants to send a message to the farmers and the agricultural community. ”

“The complaint creates a dangerous situation and it cannot be afforded that injustice and double standards are so blatantly applied by a certain group of people in South Africa against the agricultural community and farmers in particular. It gives the impression that there is a racist undertone which is the reason for the serious complaint. ”



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