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COVID-19: Gauteng now exceeds Western Cape with new cases and deaths daily



With Gauteng’s Covid-19 deaths and new cases per day already exceeding those of the Western Cape, there is still uncertainty about tightening regulations.

Cabinet spokeswoman Phumla Williams said on Tuesday the cabinet would only announce regulations when it is tabled.

This comes after the Gauteng Executive Council on Saturday submitted proposals to the National Corona-19 Command Council on stricter regulations in the province to reduce the spread of the virus and death.

However, experts say the regulations can only postpone the peak of the virus in the province, but will not reduce deaths.

By Tuesday, Gauteng had already recorded 403 deaths and 66,891 positive cases.

Between Friday and Monday, deaths in Gauteng increased by 121 and in the Western Cape by 118.

During the same period, the positive cases in Gauteng increased by 12 560 and in the Western Cape by 4 002.

The province’s proposed regulations to control the sharp increases include an evening clock rule and restrictions on liquor sales.

Dr. Gauteng Health MEC Bandile Masuku told Bonolo Selebano on Tuesday that their goal is to ensure that the regulations are enforceable so that they can have the maximum impact.

“We suggested that we may need to re-introduce regulations to reduce movement at certain times.

Prof. Shabir Madhi, a vaccine expert at the University of the Witerwatersrand, says tightening regulations to limit people “only delays the inevitable by a few weeks”.

According to Madhi, people do not comply with current regulations and therefore he understands why it should be enforceable.

“And yes, it’s going to reduce cases and deaths, but unless you plan to keep everyone restricted until they get a vaccine, you just postpone the peak.”



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