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COVID-19: Great inconsistency with deaths recorded in SA says Mkhize



The medical research council conducts weekly reports on extra deaths due to natural causes.

Their findings show that there may be additional deaths that the modeling does not take into account.

Various explanations are given for the phenomenon such as that people die from Covid-19 before they get health care or that they do not test positive ahead of time or that they do not get access to health services due to the pressure they are under. 

The government has asked provinces to report all deaths so as not to cause a backlog as in the Eastern Cape as it could lead to confusion.

The deaths occurred over several days. 

Mkhize says studies were done at the beginning of the restriction on how the virus spreads among health workers.

This will also be done for how the virus spreads in mines and households.

The socio-psychological effect is also studied. 

R96,7 million has been allocated to the national institute for communicable diseases, as well as R2,1 billion for provinces to help with, among other things, tests.

Mkhize says he wants to reassure every South African that the government is acting in the best interests of the people with regard to Covid-19.

It remains important to hire new health workers. It also remains a priority to protect them and therefore protective equipment was provided to healthcare workers by the national treasury and donations. 

The previous plan of the health department that was tabled has been changed due to Covid-19.

Regardless of the pandemic, the programs for HIV / Aids and TB will be continued. 

For 2020 / ’21, R58.4 billion is the new budget for the department, with grants of R5.5 billion earmarked for Covid-19.



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