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DA now referring social media post glorifying farm attacks to HRC



Several social media entries that seemingly encourage and glorify farm murders and attacks have already been referred to the Human Rights Commission (HRC) to be investigated as hate speech.

Two weeks ago, as part of its action plan to help improve rural security, the DA announced that it would refer to social media posts is believed to be hate speech or hate crime to investigations.

“This includes reporting and prosecuting those on social media or any other platform that glorifies the torture and murder that has become the epitome of such rural attacks,” said Dianne Kohler Barnard, the DA’s state security spokesman.

The party, meanwhile, has identified several “horrible” posts on social media platforms that glorify and even encourage the attacks.

“The DA views the posts as disgusting and those who post it should be held accountable for their malicious and hate speech,” Kohler Barnard said.

Glynnis Breytenbach, DA’s shadow minister for justice and correctional services, says the DA will insist that farm attacks, if necessary, be classified as hate crimes. This will include the indictment of those on social media or any other platform that encourages torture and murder.

“Hate crimes are not just crimes committed against vulnerable groups, but crimes committed against individuals as a result of the prejudice the attacker has against a whole group of people,” says Breytenbach.

She says research indicates that there is a direct link between hate speech – often sung or spoken by political leaders – and an immediate increase in rural attacks, often accompanied by terrible torture. Men, women and children of all races walk through.



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