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EFF, Ndlozi calls for a revolution, says "White's hate us"



SA Updates earlier reported that “EFF threatens to close down all Clicks stores nationwide if their demands are not met“.

The Economic Freedom Fighters made a statement earlier via their social media accounts. In the statement, the EFF threatens to close down Clicks stores nationwide.

Meanwhile, EFF Commissar & Member of Parliament Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said in a number of Tweets that “You also have nothing to lose but your chains! It is you, blacks, who must END RACISM. End it Now; by any revolutionary means possible!”.

SA Updates has added a screenshot to the Tweet in a case that the Tweet is deleted:

Ndlozi added in another Tweet “Not after Zozibini #ClicksMustFall. How dare they insult our hair! This is the reason young black girls in white schools are forced to shave/straighten their #BlackHair. Whites hate us, they want us to turn white, hate ourselves, which is impossible & undesirable, or disappear!”.



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