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Elderly couple attacked in Vanderbijlpark



The 77-year-old Piet Brand and his wife Terien (77), were assaulted, tied up and robbed by three armed men in their house in Wilger Street in SE3 this morning at 11:30.

According to Vaalweekblad the elderly man says it is still unclear how the three men gained access to their yard. Brand’s garden and domestic workers were also tied up with ‘cable ties’ during the robbery. “When I looked one of the attackers stood next to me and pressed the gun against my eye and said he was going to shoot me. I then asked why? To which he replied that they had been watching us for a long time. He hit me over the head and told me to sit or he would shoot me.”

The robbers were armed with a crowbar and a pickaxe and broke one of the couple’s safes out of the wall stole thousands of rands worth of jewelery. Mr. Brand handed them his key to his gun safe.

Mrs. Brand was over powered in the driveway shortly after returning from the car wash. “My head is still spinning, everything happened so fast,” she said in shock.

Mr. Brand’s revolver and ammunition as well as his wife’s cellphone, clothes, and the cash she had with her were also looted during the robbery, after which the robbers fled. “We pressed the emergency button and Rescom was quickly on the scene. “Some of the neighbors called the police, who were also quickly on the scene,” Brand told Vaalweekblad after the robbery.

Source: Vaalweekblad



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