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Elderly couple brutally assaulted on small holding



An elderly couple and a 45-year-old man were attacked by three attackers early on Tuesday morning and assaulted on a holding in the Sinoville area, north of Pretoria.

The attackers entered the house early in the morning, between 01:00 and 02:00. They broke the kitchen door’s steel gate.

Chida Strydom, 78, and Louis Jacobsz, 74, were asleep when the attackers broke in. Strydom’s 45-year-old son, Louis, who lives with them in the house, was also sleeping in another room.

Jaco Nel, Chida’s son-in-law, says the attackers first went to his mother-in-law’s room. They assaulted the elderly couple in their beds with knives and a firearm and assaulted them.

The attackers tied the elderly with shoelaces and demanded the safe’s key. They then went to Louis’ room.

“I was still asleep when someone suddenly came into my room with a flash. At first I thought it was Uncle Louis, but then I saw the weapon in the man’s hand. He told me to give him the safe’s key or they would shoot me. He pressed the gun to my head, tied my hands and feet with shoelaces and told me to lie on my stomach and stay still, ”Louis says.

Louis says he didn’t know where the safe was. “You feel so defenseless when someone points a weapon at you. I did everything the man asked me to do. I told him he could take everything, but just let me go, ”Louis says.

Chida’s daughter Lizel Nel tells a man and woman, who works for Jacobsz and who lives outside the home in an outhouse, were also assaulted by the attackers. This couple has a one-year-old daughter.

“The attackers took the one-year-old girl to my mother, who was tied up in their room. They threatened to say they were going to kill the baby if my mother didn’t give them the safe, ”Lizel says.

Lizel says the attackers then removed their masks from their faces. “That’s when my mother thought they were going to be killed.”

The attackers looted the house and proceeded with cell phones, money, a credit card and a television.

After the attackers left, Chida managed to free herself. She then detached Jacobsz and then Louis.

“Chida called to the domestic worker, who lives outside in a room. The housekeeper then called me. Jaco and I immediately jumped into the car and drove there. When we arrived, the paramedics and police were already there. We found my bloodied mother in the room, ”Lizel says.

Chida and Jacobsz are still in a hospital in Pretoria. Lizel says her mother and she sustained wounds to the head. Her mother was stabbed in the hand with a knife.

Jacobsz has already been transferred to a general hall. The doctor confirmed he did not break anything. Chida is currently under observation and is still waiting for feedback from the doctor.

Source: Maroelamedia



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