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Emergency purchases of PPEs stopped due to corruption



Emergency purchases of all personal protective equipment (PPEs) “will be urgently stopped due to the large-scale corruption that has accompanied it so far”, says Tito Mboweni, Minister of Finance, and the national treasury.

All national and provincial departments must henceforth purchase PPEs such as masks, disinfectants, gloves and other medical supplies in accordance with strict existing procurement regulations from the treasury.

According to a submission submitted by Mboweni and the Treasury during an online session to Parliament’s two committees on finance on Wednesday, the Treasury will also determine the prices of all PPEs and protective clothing and will have to obtain permission to do so. district.

The names of all companies wishing to obtain PPE tenders from the government will henceforth be published on a database on the Treasury’s website with information on who all have interests in them.

The above are some of the precautionary measures that Mboweni and the Treasury want to put in place to stem the tide of corruption that has characterized the recent purchase of PPEs.

The public outrage that is currently raging in South Africa because especially senior ANC leaders and their families are directly involved in it, led to Mboweni and the treasury appearing before parliament on Wednesday on how they will fight corruption.

According to him, he had earlier said that the adjusted budget for Covid-19 had not even been compiled when “the thieves had already started gathering at the doors to be able to steal”.

“How prophetic were those words.”

The committees heard that R145 billion had been budgeted for Covid-19 spending and that R122.4 billion had already been allocated to state institutions. Of this, R10.4 billion has already been spent.

Mboweni believes law enforcement should investigate corrupt tenders now.

According to him, he will also meet with provincial MECs for finance on Thursday morning to discuss the changes for emergency procurement with them. It must be implemented urgently.



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