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Farm Attack: Attacker shot dead, victim shot with stolen police pistol



An attacker was shot dead on a farm in Oudebrug near Potchefstroom on Friday night after he threatened the workers and then opened fire on the farmer.

Hennie Niemand (32) was shot in the chest by Koane Potlaki (21), the attacker, around 18:30 on Friday night after he initially approached farm workers.

According to preliminary information, a single attacker overpowered a farm worker on the farm at around 18:30 on Friday. He apparently forced the farm worker to call his employer, under the pretext that he had a flat tire.

Hennie Niemand was reportedly approached and the attacker opened fire on him. Niemand was hit in the chest but could still fire back. The attacker was shot dead.

A family member said on Facebook “The bullet went in at his chest, missed his heart and lung. He is currently stable. Still, pray for him and his family and also for his farmworkers.

“Pray especially for his family who are in great trauma after the events that took place before their eyes.”.

According to Niemand’s family member, Niemand was shot with a police officer’s stolen service pistol.



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