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Farm attack: One attacker shot dead, police investigating murder, attempted robbery



A couple from Sundra, Mpumalanga, were attacked by three armed men on their smallholding on Wednesday morning.

One of the attackers was shot dead, another was apprehended and the third suspect escaped.

Erika Müller was in the house when the attackers knocked on the door around 07:00. Her husband, Sampie, was at the main gate.

According to Leonard Hlathi, a police spokesperson, said the main gate is about 100 meters from the house. However, one cannot see the house from the gate.

The attackers asked her to unlock the security gate.

“They spoke softly to her and promised her they would not hurt her. It caught her off guard, ”said Llewellynn Hemmens, a safety coordinator of AfriForum in the northern region.

“She saw their firearms and ran to the room to retrieve a firearm from the safe.”

Müller opened fire on the armed men outside the house.

“What helped her keep her head down was a news report about a farm attack in Pretoria. She specifically remembered the woman who was attacked just kept shooting. That is exactly what she did, ”says Hemmens.

The couple’s neighbor, a police officer at the Springs police station, heard the shots and informed the neighborhood watch, as well as the Sundra police station.

“One suspect was shot dead, the second one was arrested and the last suspect escaped.”

Police seized two firearms.

The couple were unharmed and nothing was stolen.

“The woman is very traumatized,” says Hemmens.

Police are investigating charges of murder, attempted robbery and two counts of possession of unlicensed firearms.

Source: Netwerk24, Ian Cameron



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