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FARM ATTACK: Police are investigating a case of murder after 2 farm attackers shot dead



Free State police are investigating a case of house robbery and murder after an attack on a farm in the Tweespruit area, near Ladybrand, Sunday morning.

Free State Police spokesman Thandi Mbambo said a man who visited the farm saw a group of men approaching at about 7am.

“One of them pointed a firearm at him and forced him back into the house where two children, a boy and a girl, and their grandmother were already threatened with a knife and ordered to lie down,” Mbambo said.

Mbambo said a shooting broke out between the homeowner, who she believes is in his 70s, and the suspects.

“Two suspects were shot dead,” she said.

A third suspect was injured, while another suspect was arrested in the area shortly afterwards with the help of local farmers. He apparently fled on foot after the attack.

“A cellphone that was allegedly stolen during the robbery was found in his possession.”

Mbambo said at this stage it is not clear exactly how many attackers were involved.

The injured suspect was taken to a hospital for treatment.

None of the victims of the attack were injured.



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