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Farm attackers with 'Government vehicle' caught trying to attack couple on farm, one committed suicide



Four farm attackers posing as government officials gained access to a couple’s farm in the De Jagersdrift district in KwaZulu-Natal on Monday afternoon and tried to overpower them. The attackers allegedly wanted to talk about Covid-19.

Three of the attackers were apprehended by members of the community within a matter of an hour after the couple managed to call for help. The fourth one committed suicide.

Mort Mortazahn, security representative of TAU-SA in KwaZulu-Natal who was at the scene, says a vehicle arrived at the couple’s farm around 12:30 in the afternoon. The vehicle stopped at the electric gate at the farmhouse and the farmer went out to hear what the occupants of the vehicle wanted.

Mortazahn says “official” stickers from the health department were pasted on both sides of the vehicle. The four occupants, two women and two men, introduced themselves as officials of the health department. They wore masks and wore rubber gloves. The two women wore official nurse uniforms.

“The farmer asked what they were looking for on the farm and they replied that the department had sent them to talk about Covid-19. They also kicked the farmer out because he is not wearing a mask, ”Mortazahn told Maroela Media.

Mortazahn says the one woman asked if she could use the farmer’s bathroom. The four “officials” were then let into the house.

Mortazahn says the four “officials” approached the farmer’s wife and said they wanted to talk to her. They sat around the table and talked. In the middle of the conversation, the two men apparently jumped up and brought out their firearms. The woman then immediately grabbed a panic button that was close to her. “She was able to push it before the attackers could stop her.”

Mortazahn tells a farmer from a nearby farm, who responded to the emergency call, trapped the four attackers about a few feet from the farmhouse. They tried to flee on foot. A shootout between the farmer and the attackers broke out.

Police were also called to the scene, where three of the attackers were arrested just before 2 p.m. The fourth attacker ran away.

Mortazahn told police and some of the farmers were still searching for the fourth attacker by evening. “They then later found him dead in the field, where he shot himself.”

Source: Maroela Media



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