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Farm murder: Farmer and wife murdered, KZN



Glen, 63, Rafferty and his wife, Vida, 60, of Normandy near Newcastle, were shot dead along with one of their guard dogs after their assailants removed security cameras at their farmyard on Saturday night.

Lourie Bosman, a leader farmer and Freedom Front Plus councilor who farms in the same area, says he believes many people who took part in the largest nationwide motorcycle march to date against farm murders were not even back home when the Rafferty couple was killed.

Bosman says Rafferty was a gentle farmer with excellent human relations.

“He was a true gentleman, a gentle employer who could speak Zulu fluently and worked well with his people,” says Bosman.

“He was very involved in the farming community.”

Bosman says the area’s security cameras were studied on Sunday morning after the shock killings became known.

“The Glen family returned home from one of the cameras on Saturday night.¬†They went past the camera in Newcastle at 21:15 and should have arrived home by around 22:00.

Whoever attacked them spent very little time on the site after they were killed, Bosman said.

He says the couple’s vehicle, a white Pajero, drove past another camera 20 minutes later, some distance away from the farm.

This vehicle was left some distance further along the road.

Neighborhood watch members patrolling between the farms suspected disorder at 05:30 on Sunday morning because the Raffertys’ farm gate was open.

Bosman says according to information, it looks like the Raffertys were waited in and shot dead.

Source: Netwerk24



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