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Farm murder: "Robbers" left the property then came back to murder



Jules Stobbs was shot dead in his bedroom on a smallholding near Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg on Friday morning.

Fields of Green for All, a nonprofit that advocates for marijuana, and of which Stobbs was a director, said in a statement that robbers stumbled into their bedroom in the early hours of the morning.

Two cell phones and two laptops were stolen.

“The marijuana community was plunged in mourning after the death of our hero. The family requests that the public respect their privacy and allow Myrtle and the family space during this difficult time. Thank you for the love we have already received, ”the statement reads.

Ian Cameron, head of community safety at AfriForum, says the couple were attacked at about 3:30 am on their small holding in Sunrella near Lanseria Airport.

“There was a downturn. The robbers left the house and then returned to shoot Stobbs, “he says.

Jules Stobbs was part of a movement to legalize marijuana.

This court legalized marijuana for personal use in September 2018 and gave the government two years to amend relevant legislation accordingl



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