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Former cop and co-accused convicted for murder



A former cop, 43, and her co-accused, 26, were convicted for the murder of her spouse, by the Mpumalanga Division, High Court in Nelspruit.
The Court reached its decision on Thursday, the 1st of October 2020.

This unexplainable occurrence spiraled from an arranged plan executed in 2017, at which ex-Sergeant Lerato Mokoena, mutually with Mr. Mduduzi Ndlovu, killed Vusi Dlamini, her spouse.

He was also a Sergeant in the police at the time. On that crucial day, Mokoena and her husband left for a run; meanwhile, Ndlovu followed the two driving in Mokoena’s vehicle. Ndlovu intentionally ran over Dlamini, ending in his immediate death. The car was so broken that it could not move anymore, which required Ndlovu to leave it and escape the disturbance on foot. Mokoena was abandoned at the scene with the dead body of her husband.

Police and paramedics were informed about the occurrence, and upon arrival at the scene, Dlamini was sadly declared dead.

Police managed their investigation and began a chase for Ndlovu, who later gave himself over.

During the investigation, it transpired that Mokoena and Ndlovu planned the murder by making it seem like an accident.
Ndlovu eventually confessed to the police and described exactly what occurred on that day. Mokoena was then also detained and accused of conspiracy to murder her husband; yet, she was given bail, and Ndlovu was remanded in confinement until the sentence on Thursday.

Mokoena’s bail was then revoked, where she too was brought to custody after being determined guilty, now joining her co-accused, which has been in charge since.

Both are required to be in the dock again on the 14th of January 2021 for sentencing.

The police administration is pleased with the sentence and applauded the constant efforts illustrated by the members who worked on this case. The administration showed that police are supposed to perform well and not bring the organization’s name into dishonor. The actions of Mokoena are convicted in the strongest possible terms.



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