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Herman Mashaba launched Action SA party, here's what it stands for



Former Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba officially announced his political party, Action SA, on Saturday.

“We will not be an opposition party. Where we take part in the local elections next year, we will be there to win Mashaba said in an online broadcast.

His speech was broadcast on various social media platforms.

The mission:

He said the majority of the country’s politicians today only put their own interests and their own party first.

“We must not vote for political parties that look like us, but for what they stand for. Politics is not about skin color, but about values, ”says Mashaba.

He believes the country has ended up in the hands of evil people.

“26 years after democracy, South Africans suffer from, among other things, high levels of inequality, crime, a poor education system and racial polarization. Crime leaves people in the country living in fear while the criminals roam free.

“The current government has not taken the country forward, but backwards.”

We were silent for too long, says Mashaba. It’s time for action now.

“We are sitting with a country where unions put their members’ interests above those of the country.”

His party stands for a non-racial society, Mashaba says. “Racism has no place in our party or in South Africa. Many people do not know this, but when I started my business as a 22-year-old, I did it with an Afrikaner from Boksburg and an Indian from Laudium. ”

Work creation:

On unemployment, he says it is destroying South Africa.

“We will change the labor legislation of the country and trade unions will no longer have a stranglehold on the government.

“Small businesses will be encouraged and all obstacles in their path will be removed.

“We will give people easier access to finance to run businesses.”

He says his party will see the private sector as a partner and not as the enemy.

“South Africa must once again become a manufacturing node.

“There will be no place for state-owned enterprises that need to be helped out regularly. There will be no place for cadre deployment.”


“The police force must be reformed to tackle crime. Political interference in the police must be stopped.

“We need more policemen and women and also specialized units.

“Corruption can only be fought with deeds.

“I am someone who says what I mean: I hate corruption.

“Corruption must be declared the number one public enemy.”

Mashaba promises his party will, if he comes to power, get the Guptas extradited and put on trial.

Speaking against illegal immigration, Mashaba said of xenophobia: “There is no place for hatred in our party or in the country. Strangers must respect our laws.”

See the launch of Mashaba’s party below:



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