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Lockdown Update: Taxis can operate at 100%, alcohol banned and cigarettes still banned



Even though the storm of the Covid-19 pandemic has hit South Africa hard, the country remains at level 3 lockdown.

That disaster condition has also been extended until August 15.

Here’s the new rules set in place by President Ramaphosa:

  • South Africans have been able to buy liquor since 1 June, even if it was only Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00. However, liquor stores will not reopen on Monday. That’s because there is clear evidence that liquor sales lead to violence and accidents affecting hospitals’ emergency units, Ramaphosa says.
  • No one other than workers in essential industries after or on the way to work may be on the streets after 21:00 in the evening or before 04:00 in the morning.
  • Wearing a mask is now law.
  • The ban on cigarette ban continues.
  • Ramaphosa announced that public parks would reopen “for practice, not for gatherings”.
  • Holidays remain prohibited.
  • Long-distance taxis may not be more than 70% full, but taxis that travel short distances may again be 100% full.

See the full address by the president below:



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