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Man that murdered his "lover" sentenced to 10 years in prison



Tholang Bokvel Mokhethi and Tselane Suzan Mothoofela of Makouvlei farm in Theunissen district were “lovers of ten years”.

Mokhethi, who pleaded guilty to a charge of murder, says in his plea at one point Mothoofela run-away and he was looking for her. When he returned to Mpone’s house, she was there. She said she fell asleep in a bedroom.

Because he had suspected her of a relationship with someone else for a month, he did not believe her. He was angry and pulled her to her hair outside, where he punched her in the face and kicked her after she fell. He also banged her head against a wall and the ground.

He then helped her to their home and they went to bed. On Christmas morning he saw that she was seriously injured and then went to Theunissen to go for her pain medicine.

He was arrested and said that Mothoofela was dead. His employer called the police and she was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Theunissen where she made a statement to the police before her death.

Mokhethi says he mistakenly thought she was cheating on him and is sad about what he did as a result.

Judge Abe Mathebula ratified a 10-year prison sentence that Mokhethi agreed with the state.



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