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More than 1000 suspects arrested by Limpopo police



According to a statement by the SAPS Newsroom, The police in Limpopo have arrested 1574 suspects for various offenses during joint operations conducted across the province.

Police arrested a 14-year-old teenager on a charge of perjury after she opened a false case of Kidnapping. The teenager said to the officers that she and her friend were walking from school when unknown suspects driving a panel van grabbed her and her friend.

According to SAPS, the matter was prioritized and treated with an urgency only to establish the girl fabricated the case. Investigations revealed that there was never a kidnapping, and she was not with a friend.

The 14-year-old was charged with perjury and released into custody of her parents.

Police arrested suspects aged between 19 and 57 for various charges, including murder, attempted murder, robberies, rape, sexual assault, assault, sexual offenses, and contravention of the regulations under the Disaster Management Act and Road Traffic Act.



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