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Mozambique calls on help from EU in the fight against ISIS



The Portuguese news agency Lusa reported on Tuesday that Mozambique had asked Josep Borrell, who is in charge of the EU’s foreign policy, to train the country’s armed forces to be able to resist the Islamic militants.

Mozambique, a former Portuguese colony, also sought medical equipment and humanitarian aid to help the victims of the conflict.

“The government of Mozambique and the EU have started a dialogue focusing on humanitarian aid and security issues in Cabo Delgado,” an EU spokesman said on Wednesday, adding that “aid options” were being considered.

The plea for assistance comes after the issuance of a report by the World Food Program that more than 300,000 people in Cabo Delgado fled to neighboring provinces due to the conflict.

Reuters says that the Amnesty International reported videos that show soldiers in government uniforms committing atrocities against alleged fighters. The Mozambique defense ministry dismissed the report.



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