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NEW ANC JHB Budget: Less money for service delivery, more for salaries



The proposed budget for the City of Johannesburg will cut funding for essential services such as electricity and infrastructure upgrades. This while proposing a salary increase for the mayor. Johannesburg is currently ruled by an ANC coalition.

This budget is expected to be presented at a council meeting on Thursday. According to Herman Mashaba, former mayor of Johannesburg and founder of The People’s Dialogue, this budget proposes cutting money for several essential services with millions of rands and in some cases up to 80%. “As the budget now looks, it only predicts hardship for the residents of Johannesburg. The infrastructure overhaul will worsen and service delivery in Johannesburg will collapse completely, ”says Mashaba

If these proposals are approved, the following divisions and projects will be cut as follows:

  • City Power from R1 billion to R738 million.
  • That transport department from R1 billion to R683 million.
  • Installation of public lighting from R50 million to R30 million.
  • The reconstruction and upgrading of roads from R300 million over two years to R113 million over three years.
  • The planned replacement of the sewerage system in central Johannesburg from R180 million over two years to R10 million over the same period.
  • The planned replacement of the water pipeline system of Johannesburg, Midrand, Roodepoort, and Sandton each with between R85 ​​million and R65 million cut over two years.



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