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PICS: Malema sends direct threat to Clicks, "I won’t repeat myself"



Julius Malema said in a Tweet to Click: “Do the right thing and suspend all those who were involved in that racist project and terminate the contract of the company that agreed to commission it, if you know what is good for you. Won’t repeat myself…”

He was referring to the racial outcry that erupted on Friday over an advertisement about hair that offended people.

Malema also demands that the contract of the company that approved it be terminated and says that he “will not repeat himself”.

SA Updates previously reported that the EFF says that Clicks has 24 hours to respond to their demands.

The EFF demanded in the statement that Clicks release all the info the party requested. The EFF also requested that Clicks dismiss the employees or contractors involved.

See the statement released by the EFF on Friday:



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