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Police ask rape victim to report the case "another day"



Western Cape Police Chief Yolisa Matakata says she was horrified to hear of an incident where a Khayelitsha woman allegedly raped was turned away at the police station and told to return a day later.

Matakata immediately ordered a disciplinary investigation into the incident.

According to the preliminary investigation, a 26-year-old woman visited the police station on Monday evening to report the alleged rape. The police officer who apparently turned her away has already been identified.

A senior police officer from the Khayelitsha police station visited the victim at home as part of the investigation on Tuesday and a case of rape was brought. The offender has not yet been arrested and police are following several clues.

“I cannot wait for the disciplinary investigation to be completed. Not only is it an embarrassment that a crime victim left without assistance at a police station, but the allegations about what happened also appear to be negligence by the police. In addition, the unfortunate incident comes at a time when the country is waging an uphill battle against alarming incidents of gender violence, ”said Matakata.



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