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Pretoria elderly man tortured for hours



“We believe they were there to kill him. Why not just tie him up and steal? Why two hours of torture? We have no words. “

This is what Natascha Treichel says after her elderly father was assaulted and tortured in his house according to Maroela Media.

Natascha tells Maroela Media that her father was watching television last Thursday around 23:30 when at least two attackers gained access to the house and hit him over the head with a crystal bowl. He was alone in the house at the time of the incident.

However, Peter was not unaware of this blow and tried to defend himself after which the attackers hit him over the head with a flowerpot a second time before strangling him, forcing him to the floor, and tying him up. They also pulled something over his head after which they stood on his throat.

Peter was led upstairs to the second floor of the house. The suspects had a knife with them at that stage and ordered him to take off his wedding ring otherwise they would cut off his finger.

The attackers then ordered him to open the safe in the house for them while holding the knife to his throat. Peter tried to open the safe with a code but the safe did not want to open. He then gave the code to the attackers who also could not open the safe.

One of the attackers then went downstairs to find something to force the safe open with, after which he returned with a kettle of boiling water. The boiling water was then poured over Peter’s arm, lap and leg after which he was kicked down the stairs.

“He shouted repeatedly during the attack but no one heard him. The attackers told him they were going to kill him. “

A case was lodged with the police after the incident.

Source: Maroela Media



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