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Ramaphosa says smokers should just accept the cigarette ban



Ramaphosa says he had earlier told the nation that we would not be constrained forever and that the cigarette ban would be lifted at some point.

This is still in place.

I think we should accept it as such.

As we move to other levels, it will be lifted. The ban will not be in place forever.


Ramaphosa also addressed the question why government lift the alcohol ban.

Ramaphosa says the national coronavirus command board has thoroughly discussed the issue of the alcohol ban.

It was decided that the alcohol ban at level three should be lifted – just like other economic activities.

The rationale was that certain activities could not remain closed forever so that life could go on with limitations.

There are restrictions.

But after lifting the alcohol ban, we again saw the ugly side of our social life. There was the abuse of alcohol that led to sexual violence, accidents, knife wounds and firearms fights.

Hospitals’ trauma units have been suffering from such injuries since level three began.

It is very unfortunate. The other part that is also unfortunate is that we are one of the countries in the world that has the highest levels of alcohol consumption.

We need to have a deep conversation about this.

We couldn’t ban it forever. Alcohol is also dangerous for people and there are numerous other negative effects of alcohol.



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