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Retired police officer to appear in court for rape charges



A 56-year-old retired police officer will, on Thursday, the 8th of October, re-appear before the Zeerust Magistrates’ Court on charges of attempted rape, sexual assault, flashing, grooming, and possession of pornographic material.

On the 21st of August 2020, the accused was detained in Zeerust for a claimed rape, allegedly committed in Kroonstad, Free State, through a school sports tour in 2015. At the time of the event, the involved accompanied his wife, the coach, during the tournament.

The victim, aged 13, did not reveal the alleged abuse to anyone until August 2020, after trying to commit suicide. Through his treatment, the victim, who is now 18, told that he was allegedly raped by the accused of the first time. Therefore, a case of rape was reported, pointing to the accused’s arrest and presentation before the Kroonstad Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, the 25th of August 2020. The accused was granted R5000.00 bail and his next court presentation in Kroonstad Magistrates’ Court will be on Thursday, the 15th of October 2020.

After the first victim narrated his ordeal, two more victims came forward.
The second victim, 20 years old, said that he was a Grade 8 pupil, aged 14, at a local High School in 2014, when the accused, whose wife was a professor at the school, befriended him. The victim was allegedly approached by the accused, who touched him inappropriately and tried to rape him on numerous moments. The victim reported the incident on Friday, the 28th of August 2020. Throughout the initial police investigation, a search warrant was acquired to search the accused’s house, pointing to the seizure of pornographic material.

The third victim, aged 39, also reported on Sunday, the 30th of August 2020, that he was sexually abused by the accused in 1998. The victim, who was 16 years old at the time, claimed that he was stalked by the accused during a house party. The accused eventually took him into a room, where he was sexually abused.

The suspect appeared in the Zeerust Magistrates’ Court on the 04th of September 2020 and was granted bail of R15 000.00 during the second court presentation on Wednesday, the 09th of September 2020.

The Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Sello Kwena, praised the Investigating Officer, WO Hein Rabe of Lehurutshe FCS, for the finding. He also prompted victims of crime to speak out for justice to be completed.



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