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South Africans can now buy cigarettes, alcohol again as SA move to level 2



As we progress, we must not slacken our vigilance Ramaphosa said on Saturday.

This is because the risk of infections is greater as the more people go to work and other activities are taken up the president said.

According to Ramaphosa, we can not get comfortable. The relaxation of our vigilance can lead to the second wave of infections that are even worse than that. We have seen this happen in other countries after restrictions were relaxed there.

The whole country is placed in level 2 of the restriction.

These changes will be in effect under level 2 of the lockdown.

  • Interprovincial travel restrictions will be lifted under level 2 lockdown.
  • Restrictions on the sale of tobacco will be lifted
  • Alcohol will be permitted in onsite until 10 pm
  • Alcohol will be sold from 9 am to 5 pm

Ramaphosa says it is necessary that some restrictions remain, such as those on international flights.

Gatherings of more than 50 people will still not be allowed, even for funerals.

No spectators will be allowed at sports matches.

We still advise people to stay at home if they can, and work from home if possible, especially people who are over 60 and have underlying illnesses.



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