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South Africans cannot rest until there's a vaccine says Health Minister



While the economy was opened even further from Monday – when level 1 of the lockdown came into effect – the Minister of Health, Zweli Mkhize, warned that South Africa is not yet out of danger.

“We still have about 10,000 patients a week and we know there are even more infections. The figure is much higher, “said Mkhize.

“We are now looking for a vaccine. Until we get a vaccine, we can not rest. South Africans must realize that level 1 does not mean that everything is behind them now. Level 1 only means that we are trying to rebuild the economy again. ”

In terms of level 1 of the seclusion regulations, funerals may henceforth be attended by up to 100 people, or half the capacity of the venue, whichever is less. Religious gatherings can henceforth be attended by 250 people or half the capacity of the venue, whichever is less.

Mkhize said that as social and religious traditions begin to resume, South Africans need to realize that there is a ‘pre-Covid-19’ and ‘post-Covid-19’ world – and that they need to get used to this so-called new normal.

“We have to make sure we take precautions because a second wave [of the virus] can still hit us. We can not be complacent.



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