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'Traditional healer' sentenced to 20 years after raping teenager



Khumbulani Shoti Mncwabe, 37, appeared in court for raping a 17-year-old woman. He was sentenced to 20 years of incarceration.

On the 07th of June 2017, the victim left to study in one of the neighbor’s residence at Bhobhonono in Pietermaritzburg when she was addressed by the accused, who alleged to be a traditional healer and promised to help her since she was sick.

He called the victim’s parents and notified them that he could heal the victim who has been experiencing discomfort for years. The parents were gratified to eventually find someone ready to go the extra mile to assist and heal their sick daughter.

The suspect took the woman to his house, where he presented traditional rituals and provided her medication to drink. She went to sleep, and the false conventional healer told the victim that his ancestors had told him to sleep next to her so she could be cured.

While she was sleeping, the accused raped her. Then he told her that she had been treated, and for her to be entirely cured, she must not tell anyone about the ordeal.

The woman went home and told her parents about the traumatic event, and they informed the disturbance to the Taylors Halt police.

A case was opened, and the docket was assigned to Plessislaer Family Violence, Child Protection, and Sexual Offences Unit for additional investigation.
The suspect was detained and made several court appearances until he was sentenced.

Major General Thulani Gonya, the Acting KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Commissioner, welcomed the verdict given to the accused.

Gonya says that women shouldn’t fear for their safety, and it is their duty as men to protect and care for women, that men should stop manipulating women for their benefits. He adds that the sentence will message those who think they can get away with abusing women.



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