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WATCH: 61% of South Africans support withholding tax illegally from government due to lockdown and corruption



The organization Sakeliga says its latest poll indicates that South Africans are less willing to pay further taxes due to the isolation period and corruption.

The organization says 99% of respondents in its poll indicated that they are now less willing to pay taxes. Nine out of ten indicated a tendency to defer their tax payments for as long as possible. Six out of ten would even consider withholding their taxes illegally if they were encouraged to do so and could end the isolation period earlier.

The poll is probably bad news for the government. The Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, said in June that the Covid-19 pandemic and consequent isolation caused a deficit of 15.7% in the gross domestic product (GDP) for South Africa, which resulted in a budget deficit of R761 billion. This is more than double the initial deficit of R370 billion that the government provided for before the outbreak of Covid-19 in South Africa.



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