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WATCH: Motorcyclist shoots man at a restaurant



A video posted by Strand Patrol on their Facebook page shows the motorcycle stopping in Strand Road, Gordon’s Bay, opposite Talla’s Tavern.

The driver parked the bike, got off, and walked across the road to the picnic and dining area. In the step, he retrieves something from the inside of his jacket, presumably his firearm.

His motorcycle helmet is still on his head. The motorcyclist walks straight to a person sitting outside at one of the tables, points the firearm at the person’s backside, and pulls the trigger.

Instantly the person, a man, tumbles down from the bench on which he was sitting. The motorcyclist turns around, puts the firearm back in his jacket and walks back to his motorcycle. 

“Then the motorcycle, person all in black, came, walked to the man at the table and shot him twice in the head. 



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