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New COVID-19 variant much more agressive



The coronavirus’s new variant – 501.V2 – is much more aggressive than the original virus, says Angelique Coetzee, chairperson of the South African Medical Association.

Coetzee says that the purpose of any virus is to ensure its survival and that the flu virus mutates every year, “but the flu virus does not do it aggressively and is content to make people moderately ill.”.

“However, the Covid-19 virus does not follow these rules at all.”

She says that one must see the virus as a family in order to understand the mutation.

“The original virus is the father. The new variant has mutated and can be considered his son. This boy is aggressive and does not know his comorbidities or age.

“Although the variant is responsible for 90% of the new infections, it does not mean that his father is gone.

“His symptoms also do not look the same, and although it was initially said that diarrhea is one of the new symptoms, it has not yet been confirmed.”

According to Coetzee, the “boy” can wear several jackets.

“The jacket he wears in Britain is 501.V1 while he wears the V2 jacket in South Africa. These are two variations of the same mutation. ”

She further says that it is still uncertain whether the vaccines developed will be effective against the new variant at this stage.



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