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South Africa missed the deadline for vaccine payment



South Africa missed the deadline for paying a deposit to obtain vaccines for 10% of the country.

Moreover, the country still has not made arrangements for the rest of the amount payable.

The payment to the international vaccine program, Covax, will be made within days, says Tandi Nzimande, CEO of the Solidarity Fund, who offered to pay the 15% deposit of R327 million behalf of the government.

The health department said on December 4 that the country is on track to sign the agreement and make the first payment by December 15 under the agreed timelines.

The Solidarity Fund will make the payment as soon as it receives the green light from the international alliance for vaccines and immunization, which Covax manages, Nzimande said by telephone.

The deposit, accompanied by a guarantee that the outstanding amount will also be paid, will ensure enough vaccines to vaccinate 10% of the South African population of about 60 million people. However, the guarantee has yet to be finalized.



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